February 26, 2008

Home Depot has Eco Options

Home Depot has Eco Optionsbrand that was introduced during their Do-It-Herself Workshop that I attended. The Smarter, Warmer, Eco-friendly Bathroom was the latest in their clinics designed to give women the knowledge they need to make their own home improvements.

Last night, Monday (Feb 25), I was lucky enough to attend the clinic. It was run by my local store’s experts on installing toilets, ventilation fans, lighting fixtures, as well as tiling. Along with the on-site demos and helpful advice dispensed booklets on what was shown as well as how to choose the best options not only for our personal tastes, but to save money and help the environment at the same time.

Eco Optionsbrand is designed to make it easier for the average consumer to identify products that make a positive difference to our environment. To have the brand a product must have one or more of these benefits: sustainable forestry, energy efficient, healthy home, clean air, and/or water conservation.

To make things easy for everyone to learn how making small investments of time and energy can improve both the environment and in the long term our pocketbooks Home Depot has an online portal designed with those of us concerned about going green in mind. You can access it here. They have online clinics, videos, home energy audit, and products they offer. Their product guides are divided into how using them benefit us through sustainable forestry, water conservation, clean air, being energy efficient, and a healthy home.

While a lot of retailers have jumped onto the “green” bandwagon lately, that doesn’t mean we can’t use and learn from them, especially when they offer free useful information, clinics, advice, etc. Though just because retailers, businesses, and corporations claim they are green, helping the environment, products are natural or good for the environment, it is up to us as consumers to make the final decision. We are bombarded with advertising, product and service marketing, viral marketing that we must take anything about being eco-friendly with a grain of salt.

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