January 8, 2008


Wood panels. and more wind…


Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later… I got angry, I lost my temper, normally it takes quite a bit to make me display anger. The problem (I have) is the propane stoves, we have a one burner and a two burner stove, we use an empty lighter to light them (it still sparks, and that is all you need), when I turn on the gas, I place the lighter close to the burner and start sparking it like crazy, well, for me, most of the time it doesn’t work, I get jumpy and pull back too soon, well after a few time I feel I need to stop, turn off the gas and let it air out, I’m not interested in creating a fireball, I just want to light the damned thing! Bob finds it amusing, not in a mean way though. He tries each (AND EVERY) time to explain why it doesn’t work for me and how to make it work, I just get even more frustrated with the whole thing, today I was trying to cook breakfast, and nothing I did would light the two burner, Bob started smiling and started to explain (AGAIN), I just couldn’t take it, I turned off the gas, and tossed the skillet and the lighter on the counter (I really wanted to throw it!). That really made his smile even more, he seems to find it amusing when I get angry, much like seeing a young child or small animal get mad about something minor. I reminded him about when he gets angry, how he would react if I laughed at him, he agreed that he would not like it at all.

Breakfast did get cooked, I resorted to using a match, we had toast, toasted on a well seasoned cast iron skillet (not the one I tossed), and scrambled eggs, the eggs came from a local resident’s chickens, the eggs still had a few down feather attached, talk about fresh! I can’t wait to have my own chickens, fresh eggs every day…

We spent this day putting up more plywood to the cabin, at least half of the walls were basically heavy builder’s plastic and wire, it kept out most of the winds, and kept in most of the heat, but it was noisy in the winds, now, I’d say that 85-90% of the walls are covered in at least 1 layer of plywood, many of them have two 2 layers, one on the inside and one on the outside. I helped as best as I could, the plywood panels are heavy, and we had to get them up at least 8 feet off the ground, not an easy task with the wind gusting like it has been. Bob got on the ladder and I worked on the ground, we do make a pretty good team, though …

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