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February 21, 2007


Yumm, Roadkill

Nothing is too odd or disgusting for Fergus Drennan, from nettles to roadkill. He�s had his share of interesting experiences and speaks knowledgeably about badger dishes: �There�s no rhyme or reason to badger. Sometimes it tastes really gamey and uriney, even if it�s fresh. It can be excellent though.�

�I used badger intestines once to make some chipolatas,� continues Fergus cheerily.MORE

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Australia’s Green Bosses

Australia�s business and political bosses are going green.Senator Andrew Murray announced recently he would become carbon neutral by buying a hybrid car, joining the green electricity grid and buying a bus pass. Insurance Australia Group’s chief executive Michael Hawker has replaced his old gas-guzzler with a Toyota Prius – a popular choice among greenies. Origin Energy’s Tony Wood has

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