April 26, 2005


The world’s best motorbike

At last- a hip electrobike

Until now, electric scooters have been the poor relations of the two-wheeled world. They look bad, they go slow, and they have to be charged up every few miles. But the US-made Vectrix is a leap forward. It is the world’s first truly high-performance electric scooter, with GTi acceleration and full-size comfort. A Daily Telegraph reviewer has ridden one; it works and he says you can put your deposit down now.


Compare a typical 400cc petrol bike with the new Vectrix electric bike

Retail Price: Petrol 4,800 Vectrix 5,500
Fuel Cost: Petrol 1422 Vectrix 120
Road Tax: Petrol 240 Vectrix Exempt
Maintenance Petrol 1120 Vectrix 380
4 Year cost @ 5000 miles pa: Petrol7582 Vectrix 5500

Less Clean Vehicle Grant: Petrol n/a Vectrix 300
4 Year cost @ 5000 miles pa: Petrol7582 Vectrix 5200

The Telegraph Review

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