April 7, 2005

Which Batteries? (2)

A Reader wrote to us: Hi!

I intend to use a solar system, but don’t seem to get proper advice on storage batteries.

I was advised to use Trojan 105 (6 volt) golf cart batteries x 2 for my six 22 Watt solar panels. Apparently there’s also a 12 volt type golf cart battery available, instead of the two 6 v. batteries. We have daily good sunshine of app. 8 hours and PV output app.12 amp @ app.. 16.8 (Voc).

Now, I don’t know if above are **wet cell** types, giving of gasses or whether they are sealed types. And moreover, should their electrolyte be topped up etc. The main point is: I would like to keep my batteries inside the house, due to excessive heat in our area, but with vapours it would be very corrosive indoors. On the other hand I would prefer “deep cycle” batteries for longest lifespan, that would be the most cost effective.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could advise on these matters.

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