February 8, 2005


Beanz meanz Biofuels

Alcohol Still
Alcohol Still

Ethanol is produced from starch-based grains, including corn, barley, grass straw and fast growing poplar trees, and is a replacement or additive for gasoline. Ethanol is made using a process called fermentation.

Biodiesel Powered Bus
Biodiesel Powered Bus

Bio-diesel, a clean burning, renewable diesel fuel substitute or additive, can be made from oil-seed crops, animal fat or vegetable oil. In the US, farmers grow mostly soybeans for bio-diesel, but canola or mustard seed are also viable feed stocks. Used fryer oil can replace about 5% of the diesel fuel used in transportation. Bio-diesel is made by chemically reacting lye and methanol with the animal or vegetable based oils and fats.

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