November 15, 2004


Coolest Caravans

Shake off your prejudice and start looking for your tow bar; the chicest (and easiest) way to be independent comes in the form of the good, old-fashioned caravan.

kewl karavan
Cool Caravans for sale or hire

Always strong on the conceptual front, (a house on wheels that you can take anywhere? Keep changing the view? Genius.) it was let down badly by unchic design. Now, finally, the cool caravan has arrived. And you can hire it for a weekend.

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Power-napping is a political statement

Sleep, it seems, has become a luxury.

A report published earlier this month by po-faced think tank Demos found that 39% of adults suffer from a lack of sleep. That figure rises to 50% among managers and those with children.

The Napster
Relax! Take a nap

So great is the problem, the report suggests that if you feel sleepy you should take afternoon naps. We at Off-grid say why restrict yourself to afternoon naps? Take a nap whenever you feel tired? We eat when we are hungry and drink when we are thirsty, so why are people not sleeping when they are tired?

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