October 5, 2004

7 steps to a successful self-build home

Don’t let anyone tell you that building a house is easy, whether you are off-grid or not. You must surround yourself with the right experts, get the best advice and take it slowly.

All about Self-build by Robert Matthews (Blackberry Books 22) is a step by step guide through the jungle of self-build — from buying the plot of land through to getting the final product signed off by the Local Authority building control department.

Here are the key steps to take BEFORE you even start building. They are based on the experience of the author, plus some tips of our own.

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Help and advice to get started

Professional help is available whether what you need is advice on which solar panels to buy, or how to build the most eco-friendly and efficient house.

Ecoarc drawing
Drawing of eco house by Ecoarc
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