[before_listing id=252 images= youtube=null] We are a young family living in Omaha Nebraska, we plan to move to some land as soon as possible to start building our own home and growing our own food. We have a one year old daughter, a dog and two cats. I have worked on an organic farm and have some experience with growing and preserving food, my partner is a bicycle mechanic with several years experience. Mostly we just have a lot of enthusiasm, desire to learn and strong arms![landbuddy_listing id=252 youtube=null]

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5 Responses to “Young family looking for community”

  1. Diana

    Looking to learn how to live off the grid. Nothing financially available yet due to all the student loans dragging down the dream, but looking at least to mingle and share ideas and learn ways and tips on gardening, solar power, wind power, and earth-home design tips to consider for when we’re ready. Would love ideas on keeping chickens and maybe a goat or sheep. Also in the Omaha area.

  2. angel_tigs

    My family and I also live in Omaha and are looking for an off the grid tiny house community. I have lived on farms most of my life and miss it. I would be willing to learn to garden organic. I just wish i could get my hubby on board with it. He just started a business and isn’t willing to move to far from Omaha. We are considered low income at the moment. How ever I have cooking, cleaning and child care experiences. I also know how to make soap from lie.

  3. dorothy baird

    my husband and i are looking for land with house that could be off the grid in oklahoma

  4. AdamEve

    I’m also looking for serious and trust worthy people to work with in setting up a off the grid homestead.

    Please contact me for details.


  5. Colin O'Connor

    We are a young family in the process of getting totally off grid. We are in Central Oklahoma. We have a five month old son, 3 dogs, 10 cats and are getting ready for chickens and goats. We use wood for heating and propane for water heating and have one well so far. We have been on the property one year and are living in a small one room cabin I built after we moved out here with a trailer. We have a good deal of property with ponds, one is very large, hills and lot’s and lot’s of hardwood trees. We are inviting communication with serious individuals or families who want to create a community here. We don’t have to many concerns about specific lifestyle choices, though we are vegetarian/ vegan and spiritual though not religious. We are very open to people who are also open and concerned with being aware, sustainable and off-grid. We love music and general creativity and have good resources in town about 10 miles away. We have very few neighbors and lot’s of wildlife.
    There is a lot of potential here for a very fulfilling sustainable off-grid homestead farm/ranch and are very excited with possibly sharing this experience with others and creating a strong community. bdbcoc@yahoo.com

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