[before_listing id=239 images= youtube=null] My partner, 11 yr old son and myself would love to get off grid and live in a more self sufficient, sustainable and low impact way. Our current council house and associated trappings are just not doing it for us!

We’d love to find a friendly, environmentally minded community or a little piece of land for just the three of us :)

Thanks for reading x[landbuddy_listing id=239 youtube=null]

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3 Responses to “Would love to get off the grid”

  1. steven


    I have a small house on 6 acres with water well in Bisbee Az.Looking for off grid partners. Let me know if you have quesions

  2. Randy Williams

    I have exactly what you want. Rural living, huge expanses of rich farmland in a county with some of the friendliest people, best hunting and fishing, and clean fresh country air. I’m 62…farmed this land since I was 18. Time for me to retire. I would love to see someone enjoy this beautiful land like I always did. I have 400 plus acres for sale and I’m willing to negotiate. Call or email me. randyw1@earthlink.net or Cell phone 252-202-4365. Hurry. Cruise ships are waiting for me.

  3. Pete

    I myself and my GF have been talking about the same thing… I would love to know if you find and info on off the grid, forest, island communities.. I want to go back to my roots. I want to live off the land, not worrying about money and bills and tv’s lol. It seems people have gone in a direction that makes us take what we have for granted. Please, please if you get any info e-mail me… the closest place I know of/about is called Slab City in cal.. I am very serious about wanting this.. please keep in touch.. kokodonya@gmail.com

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