[before_listing id=257 images= youtube=null] I am a 29yr old female in the process of trying to move off grid with a few other people. Looking to start or join a tribe with same interests; living simply, living off the earth and enjoying our lives as people did for thousands of years before “civilization”. I say tribe because I hope to be able to have a legacy, not founded on lies and crap but on what we are, what we know and not all the false pretenses we’ve grown to believe as the truth. We are looking for arable land, with trees and limited government control anywhere in the world. Any help is greatly appreciated.[landbuddy_listing id=257 youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Want to be free”

  1. paladin1861

    you don’t want to own any land because the system will know your whereabouts through county data of property deeds. you want to venture to a very remote location 25 miles or more from society. you want to move with the seasons for hunting and planting just like native Americans did many years before…….

  2. robert

    If you’re looking to get out of the Houston area, come on up to Walnut Cove in Willis. You can live in whatever you have, build whatever you want to live in, & be as off/on grid as you desire. It’s close enough you can keep your J.O.B. as you transition to a better lifestyle. Walk to lake Conroe to catch dinner. Use or don’t use electricity & water. 3 years ago moved into a 1964 mobile home (paid $500.00 for it) and everyday since has brought me more peace than I deserve. hit me up if you want to investigate further, robert.

  3. stormshadow317

    I’m trying to meet other offgrid tribes! Feel free to add me to skype.. Stormshadow317 :)

  4. GA

    i grew up in a small town off the grid in montana. We had a spring and piped the water down to a hydro to create dc electricity which was pumped into golf cart batteries and then went through an inverter to convert to AC. For water pressure we used a water ram that for every foot of fall pumped the water up 9 feet so we pumped the water up above our house to a cement tank and the pressure from that ran the shower, sinks and even sprinklers. I really enjoyed it… and would love to do it all over again…i have some ideas on how to improve on the design that my dad used. Currently i live just north of houston and operate a candle company and a construction company. (strange, i know) i have some decent connections around the world.

  5. John

    I live on the south side of Houston and have been looking into this off the grid stuff for a few years now. The best place i have thought of that fits your description is Terilingua Tx although im not sure about the trees there are a lot of people living off the grid out there as well.

  6. iiiaiii

    also, we are close to tomball.

  7. iiiaiii

    my wife and i are looking for the same. reach us @ h.iiiaiii.k @gmail.

  8. ap

    I choose liberation and freedom. I am trying to find a place to settle in now now. Taking these concepts in hand and have a living community, I need that. Please contact me.

  9. shar

    yeah, I totally agree with you. I hope we can progress on this soon. I don’t know how to contact you so here is my contact ext2012 at gmail

  10. larry and sandie

    hi, we are working on our place in wv and have plenty of room for you if you are interested in helping to start a tribe up here to survive the maybe coming solarstorms that might wipeout the power grid. we have 28 acres of mountain property heavy woods and native plants..email if your interested..a50panhead@aol.com

  11. Patrick

    There are certain STEPS that are necessary to achieve genuine CHANGE:
    1. An idea or DESIRE.
    2. An INTENTION, or goal.
    3. A PLAN on how to achieve the goal.
    4. The COURAGE to pursue the goal, regardless of the obstacles. (This is where a large majority of people falter, btw!)
    5. The FOLLOW THROUGH to continually keep both the PLAN and the GOAL in mind and seek opportunities to move you FORWARD with both. (this is the 2nd faltering area that most of the rest of the world can’t get past.)
    6. ACCEPTANCE that divine intervention may alter or significantly re-direct any part of your plan, in ways that you can’t understand or overcome.

    If you can follow these steps, your likelihood of achieving your goal is very good. However, keep in mind Step #6. Your plan (for yourself) may not be as BIG or as IMPORTANT as the plan that “the Universe” has for you, so forget all of that (“The Secret”/”You Create Your Own Reality”/”Abraham-Hicks”/etc.) empowerment nonsense. If any of us are TRULY “co-creators” of our reality and life, trust me when I say (from considerable experience!) that you/we are only “junior partners” in the process. It’s not the Universe and you, on equal footing! … Not At ALL!!
    Once you make a DECISION, all you can do is control, or have some influence, on the DETAILS. This is true for nearly everything.

  12. Ezra

    Im building a “green” mobile kitchen that will be mostly off grid would like ta join up forces and maybe help support one another.

  13. ryerro

    Big Island of Hawaii is your best choice agriculturally/climately/philosophically.

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