[before_listing id=261 images= youtube=null] Im already off grid in my self converted ambulance using leisure batteries for my power — needs generator for back up and solar and multiple input for charging

gas is on propane as butane freezes in the winter

heat is provided by a wood burner cooking by the cooker and washing via local campsites till i finish the shower — all this i did my self and would love to pass on the knowlage to others

its not as hard as you would think to go off grid — give it a try — its addictive.[landbuddy_listing id=261 youtube=null]

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10 Responses to “Van Dweller”

  1. Vegan David Box

    Great stuff car and Van dweller ✌😁🛵
    Am looking to do something next year but currently in a flat not far from you towards the coast
    will have to look out for you when I come by to chill at Kat’s Kitchen or a coffee at the Bean machine

  2. Jon Preece

    Oooh it’s been ages but I’m keen to join you. I’m North East England.

    To anyone else looking, let’s crowd fund some land and get this started!?

    Please email me


  3. trev harnett

    Hi Van Dweller, i can see its been quite a while since any posts but was wondering how things are going as i’m looking for some guidance in doing what you have done. any info would be much appreciated :-) trev.

  4. crashappy69

    hi there all would be more than happy to share any knowledge with you all and help all move off grid and mobile for a free life. Im still in keswick however ive sold the van so me and my partner could get a caravan together needed a bit more stability of not having to transport my house all the time got a landy and a caravan instead not that van dwellings not for me but i adjust the way i live to my needs there are pros and cons of both the vans good for being mobile the caravans good for being stationary.

  5. grunkern


    Are you still about living the Off-Grid life? I am not far from Lake District, if you are able to share any info?


  6. Wandering Soul

    ditto Alan. Sick of being a slave. CRASHAPPY69, would appreciate the wealth of your experience in helping to get me going.

  7. alan gray

    hey man i want some help doing the same im sick of feeling like a slave for money

  8. Chris Corbett

    Hey CRASHAPPY69! Keswick must be a beautiful place to live off-grid. I’m looking into the lifestyle myself and wanting to make moves towards reality as soon as possible. I assume you move from place to place in your ambulance?

  9. Anotherway

    Been looking to get off grid for the past 18 months and I am now making plans to equip a van and find land/wood to start living on.
    Lots of ideas and hopes but these things take time.

    Do you have land to live on??
    I am only over the border in Scotland.

  10. goldigger62

    HEY Van Dweller..:)
    put a boat under that rig and come for tea..I’m just across the big pond from you..Atlantic :) sounds like an awesome life you got goin bud..Just sayin Hullo ! :)

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