[before_listing id=223 images= youtube=null] I am in the process of initiating an OTG co-op community in Upper Cumberland Tennessee. I would like to network with others who have already successfully established and OTG home as part of my information gathering phase. Initally this co-op should have a sustainable farm, fishery, and appoximately 40 – 50 home sites. [landbuddy_listing id=223 youtube=null]

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44 Responses to “TN OTG Co-Op Community”

  1. Dakota

    Hello, male of twenty two, my dream has always been to basically I’ve in the woods and sustain myself and I’ve nature. In not your richest guy around but do have many talents such as musical, art, tattooing, survival skills, hunting and fishing. I watch all the survival shows I can and study survival as well as practice these skills. not afraid of hard work and learning something new. I’m going through my awakening process. I want to escape society and the hate and simplemindedness of today’s society and culture. I long for true freedom in the great outdoors. I’m a loving and generous person who enjoys helping others I feel this kind of living is just what I need in my life. going back to the simpler way of living. please contact me with more info ?

  2. Mickie Davis

    We are off-grid in Tennessee

    • Carol Morris

      It has been some time since my initial posting. I basically wanted to see if an interest was there. I have taken baby steps towards my goal, but now since the political, pro-business, and less-regulation environment offers possibilities. I am once again pursuing my goal. Initiation of an “agrihood” that will offer off-the-grid sustainable living options. Ref:
      my web site article: https://tennesseetrekking.com/?p=1255 I thank you for your response and would appreciate any resource leads or guidance you can supply. I am in the startup phase. Thanks again for your response.

  3. josh talley

    Im 34 I want to go off the grid.Im ready to live off the land.Im a very skilled hunting and fishing and I have all the tools I need to provide food for myself and others.
    Oh yeah I have lots off guns weapons and survival gear.

  4. phillip reed

    planning to move to knoxville area sometime in the next 6-7 mos.possible job opportunities there. anything like your project there. my wife and I are very interested in going otg.

  5. mike

    want more info on where everything stands as of nov 2013. TSHF is near and now is the time to make final prep plans. I have much to offer a small group of like minded, community minded people. Please contact me asap

  6. CJ

    My wife and I are new empty nester’s and very interested in you TN OTG project. Please send me any updates you may have. Thanks, CJ

  7. Eric Daniels

    If anyone would like info on the community that was lost look up saveriverdale.com or email me at e_daniels_sr@yahoo.com

  8. Eric Daniels

    Hi, My wife an I was working hard to build a stronger community here in PA. It was planned to get the 32 families semi off grid and well. We had a further plan to travel America and help many other communities as well. Our community of 32 families was taken by Aqua America last year for a pump station for the gas industry. On top of all that I, along with many others have lost our jobs. My wife is from TN and we desire to relocate. I drive truck for a living so once relocated a job shouldn’t be too hard to find. My wife is also a very hard worker and has enjoyed working with me on many projects. We aren’t looking for people who spend too much time talking over what needs to be done, we prefer to be the people who get it done. We have a camper and good ideas at making it livable in any climate for little effort. If your serious about building a community we’d love to be a part of it. Our final plans would to be to get communities all over the world sustainable.

  9. jessie

    I am interested email me jessie.bogart@yahoo.com

  10. mespiritum

    Hey there, I actually live not too far from you and am wanting to go otg. Would love to get some ideas from you :)

  11. JC

    My husband and I are interested in learning about off grid opportunities. Our kids are grown. We want simpler, self-sufficient lives. We’ve been researching for quite a while. He is a USAF vet with many skills: hunting, building, cooking, gardening, electronics, auto repair, computer repair, the repair of most anything really. He is also a musician. My job has always been computers but I can learn anything and can do what is necessary. We are Christians, Libertarians. We enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and helping others but we also enjoy our privacy, one of the best things about country life.

  12. Kimberley Durham

    Hi, my name is Kimberley. My fiance is Philip. We are very interested in becoming a permanent part of your community. We both have skills we think would be very helpful. Philip is HVAC certified and a great carpenter. He has lots of experience it electricity and all that stuff I don’t understand. I have been in restraunt management. I’ve done lots of volunteer work in soup kitchens across the country. We have been living in our RV for well over a year now. We LOVE nature. We both love gardening and Pip is happiest when he has a product, something to build. Our needs are very small. We can either live in our rv, in a cabin, or in a tent. We would love to build a tiny cabin to live in there. We are willing, excited even to help in any way we can. This would be a dream come true for us. I’ve been called a Hippie all my life, now that my children are all grown and chasing their dreams I am looking for the opportunity to live mine.    I look forward to hearing back from you.                                                             Thank you,                                 Kimberley Durham

  13. bonnie nichols

    2 please….have many skills…..just want some place to apply them…not afraid of hard work…

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