[before_listing id=228 images= youtube=null] Our family homestead, we’re in the process of going off grid. Want to network with others doing the same to share notes and labour.[landbuddy_listing id=228 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “TechCowboys Farm”

  1. Rovingsparky

    Hi I am working towards an off grid semi- retirement, Have my electrician red seal and am working on my masters. I spend a lot of time planning and modelling my solar project. Looking to talk with other who are going off grid or are off grid. Right now i am in the city. I am curious how other deal with the requirements for municipalities to hook up to the grid. I want to make a print that lays out what i want so i can take it to an engineer when its time to build my home. Ideally i would like to collect and treat rain water, use a composting toilet and a passive solar design to heat my home with minimal electrical heating from a solar system with batteries. But it looks like i will have to have a septic system to meet codes and get a well for water. what are your thought and experiences on this?

  2. Ginny21

    – looking into going off the grid, West of Edmonton. Would love to hear about others experience, and challenges. Possibly even visit you, see what you have set up, bounce ideas off you, help each other.

  3. Tom Lambert

    Feel free to contact me, we were off grid in the north 55 parallel to be exact…we still harness the sun, and vegi oil fuel , I built the entire system myself.

  4. Aaron

    I am interested as well. Been slowly building a way to get there. I am down near Rimbey.

  5. ssmcivilian

    the only problem with owning land is that the government will know where you are.

  6. northern person

    Hi you should contact the solar store in Fairview they have everthing you need. I am getting set to live off grid in the north west territories.

  7. Solarpanel - shane

    Been off grid for 8 years…what are are doing to be energy efficient?

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