Hello  We are a couple in our early 50’s   We have a 25 homestead/ farm, located in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. We are starting a commune / community.  There are two other gentleman living here now. Looking for couples, single men or women.  We have farm animals and adding more all the time. Working together to build more animals housing and fencing. Including clearing more and more of the acreage. We have lots of woods a good size pond we are stocking. We live way out in the country with no neighbors close. We are working together to make a community that is self sustaining. Seeking others who are looking for the same. We are like family here. You would need your own housing.. travel trailer, camper, RV, Van, tiny cabin etc.. we have one main house with electric and a well. Most all of the property is off grid but could have electric if it was run in further. If your wanting a long term place to call home, a sense of belonging, not afraid of hard work, a love of animals and wanting to become part of a  “family” contact me is for more information. 

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5 Responses to “Starting commune / community”

  1. June

    Very much interested

  2. rick Silvia

    wow sounds great ! i would like to here more about your homestead. i do own 10 acers here in Mississippi an have a small farm and am interested in off grid living . so have been just checking things out . trying to find a good community that i would like to be a part of.

  3. Joseph bent

    Hey, me an my girlfriend are very interested on living off the grid have lots of questions please get back with me. Thank you

  4. Chrissy

    I’m interested in living off grid. What can I do next?

  5. Sabrina Walker

    Hi im interested please contact me Sabrinawalker771@gmail.com

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