Off-Grid Privacy Statement

Please note that while this privacy statement is specific to the Off-Grid website (the “Off-Grid Site”) it should be read in conjunction with Vivum Intelligent Media’s standard privacy policy.

The Off-Grid Site is operated by “Vivum Intelligent Media with its  partners who are providing technology and services to make Off-Grid possible (“Off-Grid Partners”).

Vivum Intelligent Media and its Off-Grid Partners have access to personal information collected from the Site and will use this in accordance with all laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal data including the Data Protection Act 1998. Vivum Intelligent Media and its partners will keep personal information confidential and will not disclose any personal information to third parties or use the information in any other way without your prior consent.

What information do we collect on the Site and why?


The information collected on the Site and the way this is used includes:


Usernames – these will be displayed on the Off-Grid Site for all other registered members to see. Please note that your username does not need to feature your last name or contain any other personal information that could be used to identify you (e.g. your address). We reserve the right to reject usernames that are offensive, defamatory or otherwise unsuitable.

Email addresses – Vivum Intelligent Media and its Partners may use your email address (which you provide as part of registering to become a member of the Off-Grid Site) to:

manage your membership account (e.g. to notify you if there has been any moderation issue to a listing and/or handling change of password requests etc);

ask you about your Off-Grid successes (e.g. if you have found a Land Partner, what size group you are going off-grid with, if you are looking  to become an Off-Grid Guide or not, how well you eventually adapt to off-grid life)

Any responses to such requests will be purely on a voluntary basis;

resolve any reports or issues (where, for example, your or another member’s behaviour may be breaching the terms and conditions);

inform you about changes or improvements to the Off-Grid Site;

let you know about relevant resources in your area and/or other goods and services in which you may be interested;

reply to any correspondence sent to us;

allow you to participate in discussion forums, provide content to Off-Grid or register to become a member; and

for any other reasonable purposes related to Off-Grid, the Off-Grid  St

Your email address will not be available to other Site members, unless you choose to make it so,  where you email those members within the secure messaging system to enable them to respond to your emails.

Postcodes will be shown as a pin within the Off-Grid map application. Look at the bottom of this page to see what the pins on the map are likely to look like.  Site members and their listing will be searchable by postcode within the LandBuddy map, however, members will be able to opt out of their postcode being shown on the map if they choose.

Street names (which are optional) shall be used to help place the pin that correlates to a listing within the LandBuddy map but the street name itself will not be referenced in any text.

IP addresses and cookies may be collected whether or not you register as a member of the Off-Grid Site.

Your proposed involvement within Off-Grid (e.g.  Looking, Have Land or Part-Time or any other category) shall be shown within your member listing and shall be searchable as a group within the Site.

Please note that, where Vivum Intelligent Media’s involvement with Off-Grid and/or the Off-Grid Site comes to an end, the  Site (together with all member data) will be held and used by Vivum Intelligent Media, to continue Off-Grid in the future.

This privacy statement may change at any time, so you may wish to check it each time you visit the Site.


Last updated 19 \Jan 2023