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[before_listing id=328 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/8fdf2b273069262b4c341e8e2ffb28f3.jpg youtube=null] Couple, looking for others to find land in europe, (or other places if better) to start a eco village / community. looking to organize and arrange a group to buy land and build eco friendly houses, this post is just to find others also interested in living in a community in europe, looking foreword to hearing from you.[landbuddy_listing id=328 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/8fdf2b273069262b4c341e8e2ffb28f3.jpg youtube=null]

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21 Responses to “Off Grid Europe”

  1. Doobear

    I know this is quite an old post now but we’re selling our off grid, permaculture house in the French Pyrenees. We have put a website together for it if anyone is interested. https://offgridpyrenees.weebly.com

  2. ds

    Portugal/Spain anyone?

  3. ryan howman

    Hey I been living off the grid for 12yrs in Spain but haven’t found the peace and tranquility we d hoped for and are now looking to sell up and start somewhere else(not Spain ).if anyone knows anywhere in Europe where living off grid you won’t be penalised in taxes for benefits you don’t receive and where the locals are civilised… Please let me know .or contact me for advice and experience of off grid living in Spain …peace to you all :)

  4. M

    Hi there, I understand it’s an old thread but I’m looking for people who might be interested in buying some land in Europe to fix a ruin or build somewhere and live off the grid, perhaps some of you are still interested. I’m just 30 but I’m sick and tired of the city life, the rat race and I’m going to saving to buy some land. I was thinking of doing it alone but it’d be definitively much easier to do it in company.

    My idea was to buy land and a ruin in France, starting prices are as low as 5000 euros for something really dilapidated or around 15000 for something that only requires some work. I believe that a bunch of people could easily rebuild an old farm-house and work the land.

    My idea was to contribute by buying the land and ruin and having others help out with the materials and work + expertise. My plan was to grow organic food and sell it at the local village to make some extra cash as well as blogging and writing books and photo-books about the life there (I’m a photographer).

    Well, that’s my idea, hope it sounds good with some of you. My e-mail is halibutlevel10@outlook.com

  5. M. S.

    Searching for a plot of land in Germany or EU where it is allowable to build a self sustaining cob house community. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Otherwise I could return to the states, but the government is cracking down (like in Texas and Florida) and making off grid living ILLEGAL! (Just makes me speechless…) I slowly don’t care where I need to go, but I need a different life than the one that was fashioned for me.
    Thank-you and may you all be protected on the paths you forge.
    Feel free to Email: carmiasoluie@gmail.com

  6. Timbatao

    Hi I am Justinas, 27 years Lithuanian, looking community to go off grid. 7 years back i stopped believe all I knew, and started educate my self in alternative living, teaching etc. Also i can read blue prints, works with all power tools, have experience in hydroponic growing, all construction works. Can join with |~1500 euros.
    10 years time traveling, working, trying understand cultures, learn everything what i can find on the way to another destination. Lived in Isle of Mull, Scotland, London, Netherlands 2 times, China, crossed by other 5 or 10 countries.
    Have created some houses sketches from my crazy head : https://www.youtube.com/user/VashjLtu/videos
    My photography page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/FlatMountains/339528049533974

    If not this one then another one, but ill go off grid. :)

  7. Adam rajman

    Hello my name is Adam I’m 32 fit able male no kids. looking to go off grid with like minded people in a community where everyone works together for the good of each other. Tired of mainstream hustle and bustle and shallow way of life now. I’m open minded and a skilled railway worker with loads of other handy skills. Not religious but believe there is something good out there. Anyway if there anyone out there in same frame of mind or know of any space in existing community please get in touch . Full of energy for me life . Email me rajjyblade@gmail.com

  8. Ben

    Hi, need to find a community. I lived for a year in wwoof, helpx and open community in Spain and France to learn as much as possible from living&thinking outside mainstream. This changed me in many ways and became very clear that this was my future. Last 2 years trying to make myself selfsufficient back at home in Belgium. Realising and experiencing the need of community! Also I want to live further away from citys and pollution. Prefer mountains :-) Where? Europe or any other country I can enter, also very interested about experiences in countrys like Norway/Finland/Sweden to live off-grid.

  9. Jose Correia

    Hi, I’m a 45 years old, single, constructor, looking to go off the grid and to start a new way of life with other people, mabe a new comunity, I am a person with open mind and creative, not religious and learning allready how to live from the nature.
    speak 5 languages, sometimes usefull and have a lot of experience with technical work.
    E-mail: netizanonline@gmail.com

  10. Jose Correia

    Hi, I’m a 45 years old, single, constructor, looking to go off the grid and to start a new way of life with other people, mabe a new comunity, I am a person with open mind and creative, not religious and learning allready how to live from the nature.
    speak 5 languages, sometimes usefull and have a lot of experience with technical work.

  11. Stefan Emanuel

    hei,if any of those happend,worked.etc..email me please!!

  12. nature111

    Hi I would like to join an off the grid society ,sick of the rat race ,just searching for likeminded people in europe ,help of what I can do and where to start would be much appreciated I am 32 male and single with no kids and of good conduct :) hope to hear from you soon ,Europe only please
    email me anonymousn175@gmail.com

  13. Eva

    I’m a very skilled and creative women. I’m looking in to starting or inspire people to start a community. I am only 25, but if you know anything please email me at I4evanow@gmail.com. I want to create and inspire. And I’m very tired of the mainstream.

    Best regards, Eva from Denmark

  14. Jack MacGreggor

    American, skilled cook, gardener, and willing to do heavy labor and construction. Looking for an eco community to join in Europe/Australia.

  15. Isy

    ISyyes here, traveling hungaria, italy, germany line
    want to build a fully eco house in the mountains (alps?). what is your opinion, is there any remote land left in europe?

  16. Peter McManus

    Good luck with the search.
    I am also in Spain and thinking along the lines of an ‘eco co-op’ let me know where you are.
    Kind regards, Peter.

  17. sarah

    Bulgaria cheap land; good climate ;friendly people ;

  18. jcrisp

    @Nestori T, thanks for the info i’ll keep this in mind.
    @Mikael Cromsjö, sounds good i’ll send you over a email.
    @john, thanks for the reply, i was also thinking about spain, but i want to gather as much info on different country’s as possible. my email is jmcrisp88@googlemail.com send me a reply sometime.

    more info on are plains,
    we are looking to save a little bit of money asap and look at buying some land with others, i want to still stay in the uk for a few months but visit when i can to help sort out stuff. others can live on the land as and when they like, the main goal of the community is to bring together like minded people.
    thanks again for the reply’s.

  19. John

    Hi, I am planning to start a community in Spain. What’s your email address?

  20. Mikael Cromsjö

    Send me a mail. Our family am looking around the globe to find a place. We might inspire each other. micro(at)vaken.se

  21. Nestori T

    Hey there, if interested, I know a couple of land-owners in northern Finland (Oulu area, Kiiminki-Haukipudas to be specific). Who are willing to sell land. The land is heavily forested, swampy, there are pretty much lakes and rivers nearby. I often camp and fish there, very nice place. If you want, you can send me email, nesthor(at)luukku(dot)com.

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