We are forming a commune and would be forever grateful for a patch of land (with or without improvements) for our community.

Idyllia West is an income-sharing commune of people from all walks of life. Self-sufficient living in harmony with our selves, our souls and healthy lifestyle choices are the cornerstones of our community. We aren’t Luddites who hate technology, we just want to seek a balance between living in community and connectedness and the realities of the world. Frantic consumption has brought none of its promised happiness and much strife all over the globe. It is time to step away from all that and embrace the true needs of humans, a sense of belonging, security and acceptance.

We are in need of adequate land for a commune that believes in non-polluting ways and healthy living, healthy diet and exercise as part of our daily ritual of life as well as true self sufficiency.

Donation wanted. Rent to own also a possible or trade for 2400sqft ranch style on 1/3 acre in the NE DFW area. Seeking new members also.

Contact: idylliawest@rocketmail.com

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9 Responses to “Need land to form a commune”

  1. TheGuru

    Zameil … I am in fla. now 2014, I know Humboldt co. GODs country … I have been wanting and trying to group, find, locate, put my time effort, labor, knowledge to a commune … have you made it ? are you there etc ? how are things thanks Ho[pe to hear back … anyone who reads this and just to make 1, become 2-3-10 ? say so …

  2. stacy staley

    my husband, and two awesome kids, ages 7 and 13. Very interested in joining you, we also live in florida. please contact us @ stacystaley@msn.com

  3. Zameil

    I have also posted here on this site that I have 80 acres in Humboldt Co., NW of Winnemucca, NV and am in the planning stages of creating an off-grid community. I am welcoming others to join me on this property to live a life of cooperation with ALL. My dream would be a community of earth friendly dwellings with some central buildings for community use. I wish for us to be self sufficient in all manners of living. I currently live in FL and have run a computer store for the last 15 years. I am working up the funds to get me and my stuff to the property, and let the doors open from there. I have made several great contacts, have had interest from some to film the project as a documentary. Also, I have inquired with a professional who is willing to guide us through this process for the cost of expenses and having him live with us as we create this New World. The only green missing is the dollar. With the right group of people, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. The land is flat and wide open. North side borders BLM land. I would be interested to know more about your group. Feel free to contact me if this feels right for the group. Thank you. Blessings to all.

  4. Tristian Porter

    There is plenty of land here in East Tennessee. I myself was wanting to start or join a commune because i share the same earthly values. I was interested in starting a earth home community https://www.inspirationgreen.com/earthbag-construction.html here is a link to give you an idea on what im talking about. Im not sure how to go about getting funding to start or how to start. There is a beautiful abandonded rock quary in my area that i was interested in, but i do not know of any programs to get this land. Please if anyone can help me or give me some advice please email me. Thank you

  5. Tess and john

    hello my boyfriend and i are looking live in a commune. we don’t know any and we are interested in becoeing members… please contact us at my e-mail… punksabie@yahoo.com thanx

  6. Spike

    How are you getting on? Are you off the grid yet? I’d love to get involved or help if I can?

  7. Hyatt

    please email me, id like to hear more about your success & if its still active. location, ect. im very interested.

  8. shar

    is this project still active? pls email me ext2012 at gmail

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