[before_listing id=222 images= youtube=null] Hello Looking With In 150 Miles Of St Louis.. Ozark Mt. Area. Looking For 100 acres Mixed Open And Woods With Springs. Looking to Set In Up For Off Grid In Next Cpl Years.. Grow and sell Organic Veggies.. And Live The Good Life. You Can Reach Me At lildrestl3@yahoo.com[landbuddy_listing id=222 youtube=null]

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7 Responses to “Looking In MO.”

  1. Yiskah

    Sustainable Community located in the Ozarks of South Central Missouri. Over 100 acres of land with forest & pastures. Currently (2015) somewhat on-grid (has elect. and phone). Lake, well and streams on property. Boarders the National Forest. Going fully off grid ASAP. Offering lifetime leases for those committed to living as stewards of the planet upon completion of a 2 year apprenticeship. Concepts of land ownership and money are ideas that are being gradually excluded from this tribal structured group who gathers for sustainability there. Financial potentials exist while in transition to an abundance without money lifestyle. The group is not religious but rather spiritual abiding by the 2 golden rules, do not harm others and do not allow others to harm you. Those who do not understand the UBUNTU philosophy as presented by Michael Tellinger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0uLRJOtvQc need not apply. The age of control and manipulation is fading and the age of personal responsibility and integrity is upon us. Walk Sacred. onacoapcs (at) gmail (dot) com to contact.

  2. Bee

    Hello my name is Bee.I live in the Saint Louis,Missouri area and would like to find other like minded individuals to go off the grid with.PLEASE email me @ bduke0214@gmail.com .I have VALUABLE ideas to share!Let’s connect!

  3. Carol Missouri

    Phoenix: I live close to Truman Lake and I’d be interested in knowing how your project is going. Thanks in advance.

  4. Phoenix

    Hi! I don’t know if you have found a place yet. My husband and I just bought some land in Southeast Missouri. We will be starting a Homestead there. We just want to extend an invitation to you to come and join us (even if you do not want to stay). If you want to gain some experience of building and learning about building a Homestead from scratch you are welcome to join us. We will start building the house in mid to late August. You might be able to gain practical building experience and knowledge about Homesteading. We thought you might want the experience for when you guys are ready to start building…and who knows maybe you will like it enough to stay awhile *grin*

  5. beau

    hey i’ve also been looking for something off grid and organic in southeast missouri. i can’t go on living an uncertain existence at the whim of someone elses game(economics). i’m from cape girardeau but i’ve been travelling for the past year and i’m on my way back home, i’m 21 a hard worker and dedicated to growth and evolution. hope to hear from you soon

  6. Thomas Pehle

    HI, im interested in going off grid and live right on the other side of the river in st louis. Could you contact me with some more info? thanks

  7. lildrestl3

    Found a spot on 92 acres 4 bedroom 4 bath with a spring est. @ 3/4 of a million gallons a day… Could be used to power the Place Looking For Others..

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