[before_listing id=276 images= youtube=null] We are a married couple; wife is 57 and husband is 58. We are very active and not afraid of hard work or jumping in and getting things accomplished. We are looking for like minded couples (probably 2 couples to start) or single adults who are not tied to a city-lifestyle; who would like to share living on acreage and doing organic gardening and other enjoyable projects. We are looking for long-term people who are considerate, caring, open-minded, non-judgmental, free-thinking, no drugs, no alcohol, no smoking; who share a vision of a simple life-style, becoming self-sustainable and helping one another to achieve this goal.

We live in the Lassen foothills, Shasta County, Northern California.
We live off-grid on 40+ acres, approximately 15 miles out of town. Neighbors are few and far between. The surrounding area is comprised of thousands of acres of undeveloped land, peaceful and quiet, home to eagles, geese, ducks, wild turkey, deer, quail, birds, birds, birds, rabbits, and a myriad of other creatures.

We currently are using solar for electricity, propane for cooking and refrigerator, wood for heat, and generator for pumping well water. We would like to convert the well water to solar. In summer we run a solar cooler. We also have wireless internet and cell phone.

We would like to pool efforts with everyone sharing expenses and the workload so as to still have plenty of time to just enjoy life. We believe in everyone contributing their fair share and everyone reaping the rewards. We would like to have a garden large enough to supply all of our vegetables and maybe some to sell at local farmers markets; or if someone wanted to, there is plenty of room to keep expanding. We have a seasonal creek and a seasonal pond, however the ponds in this area can and have been made into year-round ponds by digging them down to 25 feet deep, which is just a matter of renting an excavator and doing it.

Living arrangements would have to be discussed as we live in a small mobile which we converted into a 1 bedroom. We are open to all ideas and would like to meet others with the same vision.

Contact us for more information or to just toss ideas back and forth.

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36 Responses to “Looking For Others To Share Off-Grid Living”

  1. MDon240

    I’m interested in contributing to this community with long term effect. I know aquaponics/hydroponics and how to raise ducks. Have ducks to donate too.
    Please contact me

  2. Todd


    Is your land outside of San Diego? How is it going? Did you get the water pump converted to solar? My girlfriend and I are leaving Seattle in October (2017) to start looking at land to purchase or join another community for some time – at the very least to visit various people and communities like the one you have or are building. Are you still accepting interested parties to visit?


  3. Tina Copen

    I came across your site on line and saw that it was in 2010 that this was all being talked about .I was wondering where you are with this project now>my husband and I are interested in this lifestyle and are looking into it . we are 52 and 62 years old and have gone through some major heath issues in the last 5 years. but are still able to contribute in the working together for the good of the community in lots of ways . our finances are very low so money is not our strong point . we have very good morals. we care about our world our fellow man . I would like to know more about this and see if we would be able to become a part of this community .
    thank you and I am looking forward to hearing back from you soon. Tina Copen

  4. Jeanine

    Me and my husband are interested.

  5. dek

    I AM looking to join someone in a group have no money no job am 57 need some way to eat..outdoor work great by me I am 160 pounds have no med issues please write me back..

  6. Monarch Michelle Fite

    Hello, my husband and I might be interested in talk more about joining you in your adventure! We are currently looking for land so that we can go off the grid… we are having a hell of a time finding what we want, where we want it and in our price range. A few things in our proposal might not work for us…we are wine makers – we make our own organic wine from food we grow and local organic fruits and wild herbs. I see that you mentioned no alcohol…so that might be a problem. However we are not heavy drinkers at all. So maybe this is something we can talk about. Anyway we have a small urban farm in Michigan that we just sold…we have 30 days to get outta here and I’ve been looking for months for a property and can not find it! We want to live in a Tipi we have 12 chickens, one beehive and 5 cats. What do you think? How is the weather where you are… what is the growing season? just curious :)

  7. shasta

    Hi Nick, no california law was not the reason for thinking of maybe moving out of state. We really would like a larger piece of acreage and Cali is expensive as heck. However, we did find this 10 acres parcel we are on now and it is fine but larger would be better. So thinking of starting here, and then always looking for a larger place. We are no new to finding and setting up off-grid properties so moving to a larger place in the future is certainly doable. 100 + acres would be nice.

    In the meantime we are here and definitely looking for others to join us. We are in the process of setting this place up. We have the solar well in, which is running off a generator at the moment but we do have the solar panels and are in the process of hooking them all up. We have (12) 200 watt panels so that is enough to run everything we need to run out here, including the well. So free water… YAY!!! … Once we get it all hooked up we will then put in the large gardens. Right now we have 3 small patches but again, larger is better.

    we have moved a mobile on the land and also in the process of setting that up. It is almost finished. We have to add the porches and steps, put on the skirting and hook up all the electrical/solar. It is hooked up and working but needs to have the panels hooked up…right now it is running off a generator.

    we have propane for cooking and fridge right now.

    We are pretty well set up for living, just need to do a few more things. It’s fine the way it is, but want to get away from the generator and switch everything to solar. We have all the materials, just no time to get all of this done by ourselves… so taking awhile.

    We would like to find a few people to come out and live here and help and work our way towards getting a larger piece or land… like I said 100+ acres. It’s doable, we can do this….it might seem like a huge undertaking but we have been living like this for years and years so we are not new to any of this and we are confident we and others can get together and do this, end up with a large piece of acreage, get it all set up and sit down and enjoy a peaceful and rewarding life.

    so if there is anyone out there who thinks this would be something you would like to be a part of from the ground up, just email me. We are ready to get together and get started right now. We are already into this and have a lot of the hard part done and we do have a business that will generate the money needed to keep us all going if everyone will jump in here and help. The business is a fun biz that does not require anyone to be working a 9-5. So there is money to support these projects and keep us going. I know without a doubt we can get this going and progress on to a larger place.

    • Daniel

      my email is danielburgess.1234567 @ gmail.com (just remove spaces)

      I receive a decent pension that could be helpful for supplies, and/or other needs… I am ex army 36 year old male looking to live life a different way…

      Please contact me with any information

  8. shasta

    you can contact me at shasthills@yahoo.com

    I can set up a chatroom and we can talk.

  9. shasta

    I’ve been gone quite awhile. I don’t know if anyone is still around and interested in an off-grid community. I sold both my off-grid places and while looking for another one I ended up in town for 3 months. OMG NEVER again. after being off-grid for all these years there is just no way to go to town and live.

    we now have bought a 10 acre off-grid property. It is not what I really want but it is off-grid, no neighbors and so we are here “for now”.

    What we are really interested in doing is buying a larger acreage and getting back to putting together and off-grid sustainable community. We have been looking for property all over, found a few, but lookng for at least 40 acres with good zoning so no problems from the county for several people living there.

    We are definitely still working on this. Would like to talk to others who have some ideas and brainstorm and see what we can come up with.

  10. Nick

    What has happened with this? Is it California law affecting your decision to move out of state? Please share.

  11. Ray

    Shasta, How do we communicate. This forum leaves no means to contact you or send you a message that I can tell. I’m at raymalinda@yahool.com. I’m 65, in the process of a divorce after 32 years, retired, in great shape, can work hard on manual labors and love it when it’s something I want to do and I’m ready to leave urban life with the dogs barking, the adolescents whining out every gear of their stick shift noise makers, sirens, etc. I could go on but I’m sure you get the point: I’m ready for the country and am having a hard time finding off-grid housing that I can afford. I’d sure like to try it and can afford to pick up a small trailer to come and give your proposition a shot if we can talk and work something out. I’m currently in L. A. temporarily while I finish a house remodel for my mother-in-law and my soon to be ex wife. Please contact me if you’re still looking.

  12. Dan

    I am Interested please contact me so we could talk

  13. Chelsea

    I’m curious to whether you have continued to start an off-grid community out of state? I am interested in og-l in a community, if you have any information you can share please email me, thanks

  14. shasta

    I have not been around in awhile, sorry. Circumstances are changed. We are all moving out of state most likely, so this property and another off-grid property are now listed for sale in the real estate section on this site. Under 42 acres shasta county and 4 acres twain harte/sonora

    any questions you can email me at shastahills@yahoo.com

  15. john

    I am interested in your “off-grid” living situation, particularly as it agrees with comments at http://www.jsmineset.com on 7 and 8 Apr 2011. I look forward to discussing this lifestyle further.

  16. shasta

    Hello Everyone…. I have been away for a bit. I’ll be answering all of my emails shortly.. Just wanted everyone to know we are still here and still very much interested in this project. Being it is the middle of winter right now things are on hold probably until Spring starts, which won’t be that much longer here.

    I’ll get back here and post more later.

    but just for now certainly want to answer Tere’s question.

    open-minded and non-judgemental just means that we accept others beliefs and not judge them. No, we are not swingers. We are just people who are accepting of others; does not mean we necessarily want to be like others, but we are not going to judge them because they do not think like we do. And we would like others not to judge us because we think a different way. I would hope everyone could just accept others as they are, and also no one try to shove thier own beliefs down someone elses throats. Just live and let live.. Hope that helps others understand what I meant. We are just ordinary people who believer if everyone helps each other and works together that we all get much farther than if we each try to do it alone. We can all get in a chatroom and discuss things together BEFORE anyone makes any decisions if they would like to be a part of what we are doing… Then there are not surprises. (smile)

  17. Tere

    Does being open-minded and non-judgmental mean that the other couple(s) has to be “swingers?”

  18. Hanaan

    I am a young, single, ambitious veteran looking for a fresh look on life and a change in lifestyle. I have been for a long time now. Having gathered myself and assessed my long-term goals and desires, I am looking to strike out off the grid.

    I am hoping to find a good community in 2011 as I strike out with jeep, teardrop, and supplies for community investment on my way to a better life. I am simply tired of the system and I want nothing more than to be free of it. I am extremely independent, hardworking, and motivated. I have a variety of skills to offer having traveled some parts of the world, learned trades, and have a degree (might have 2 later this year). I am compassionate, caring, and very friendly. I’d be bringing along a dog.

    I would love to say more, but I’m not a huge fan of public message boards :S I am however very interested in what you guys have described here!

  19. cody

    Hello to everyone.. I am twenty and the love of my life is nineteen I have dreamed of such a thing as off the grid living since I was five.. how great such a thing truly exists with its own website and everything .. we are leaving this may rucking/ hitch hiking our way to california the original destination was to be the sequoia national forest, however, if anyone would enjoy company and a strong set of illinois farm hands to be worth a shelter on your land please contact me.. we wouldn’t need electricity food house or heat all I need is the good lord his dirt and the beautiful elements that bless this world.. we are very open minded and adaptable to accommodate to anyones customs and courtesies.. so by all means please email me@ cj02florida@gmail.Com

  20. D.J. Brewster

    My wife and i are in our 50’s and researching off-grid living. I am currently retired and ready to make a move soon. We are in N. Texas as of now.
    I have already visited one location and searching for the right one. Looking forward to your reply

  21. Mike

    Hello, I also have property with well near Lassen and I am being advised from Shasta County Building that I have to remove my RV/Trailer from the property because it is undeveloped property. Is there any law to this?

  22. Jake Howeth

    I was born and raised in the very small town of Ojai, California. I now live in Ventura, you might say selling my soul part time to Chipotle and selling what’s left to the cult of academia. I am committed to learning, but the vocational merits of bachelors and masters degrees are increasingly unclear in regards to preparing one for a job. I do not know whether or not I want to continue higher education. I do know that I want to transition to more natural, organic, and raw foods, and a slower-paced lifestyle as you kind folks have described. I do not have much money to offer at the time being; I am however fully interested in the challenge of learning how to survive and thrive with perhaps less convenience then city-dwellers enjoy. I am fully committed to an off-the grid (and raw food) lifestyle.

  23. brandon

    hi my name is brandon i am 19 livin in ohio lookin to live a more natural lifestye i am hardworking and able to do alot of manual labor where needed i would greatly appreciate it if you could get back to me as soon as you can

    thank you for your time

  24. Antonio

    This is awesome site

  25. Shasta

    hi all, please check your emails. I have answered all of you now. Hope to hear from you soon.

  26. Shasta

    Hi everyone. Sorry I have not responded sooner. I had been checking here and no responses so thought no one was interested. Thought I’d check again today and see someone is here.

    I have to run into town this morning and won’t be back until later this afternoon. I will reply then. Thanks for leaving your comments. Will be emailing you later today.

  27. Michael cauthorn

    Hello my name is mike, I recently go to the university of Chico graduating in the spring looking for a job and a lifestyle change. I’m willing to join off grid living and contribute to the community or family living or natural being of life. I’m young, 22, but committed and dedicated to this lifestyle. Please email, just for information if you want, but I want to learn more!

  28. Jimmy Gisclair

    This is very interesting. My wife and I have been looking for a way to live a more peaceful and simple life. We will definately explore this off-grid mode.

  29. Annette

    We built our own passive solar home and lived on our land for 30 years. We built it without electricity or a road to the property (although, we later got electricity and put in a road. Our bills were always LOW). We are 57 and 59 years old with grown kids. We sold our home because we work seasonally in Denali Park, Alaska, and it was too much work to maintain with our seasonal lifestyle. It needed continuous brushing which we just got too tired of doing!

    Now we live in downtown Redding, walking & biking around town. We are growing our own food in our urban lot. Planting peach trees and vegies in the vacant lot next door and our backyard.
    This week we are having solar electricity installed. I miss the hills, open spaces and true night skies. We might be interested. We do drink moderately; no drugs or smoking.

    Perhaps we should talk?!


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