I’m a male in his mid-30s and I would like to join an off-grid community, because I had enough with the government, non-sense restrictions and all these. I just want to get back to the roots and escape the 9-5 rat race. Currently, I’m living in oxford, uk (I’m willing to relocate in a different country). About me, I really enjoy cooking, baking, I have experience in raw vegan cuisine, fixing computers and in my spare time I enjoy reading and working out.Ideally is to find a permanent place. many thanks

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5 Responses to “looking for an off grid in uk or outside europe”

  1. Jukieta

    Ever since the beginning of 2020 and my entire life was flipped upside down, I realized despite working for many years I had nothing to show for it other than debt and more bills.
    These regulations and rules I can no longer sit back and take it anymore, I’m tired of the rat race, I want to escape to an off grid community but again it’s the financial situation that worries me.
    I was learning to drive in from 2019 until 2020 when the PLANDEMIC hit.

    I love to see so many more people who want to escape, I just wish I wasn’t so scared to do it.

  2. Alberto e Daniela

    Hi Andrew, what areas or countries are you considering?

  3. Gabor Kovacs

    Hi, we’re a 55/46 Hungarian couple and a dog currently living near Swindon in our caravan, and have few years off grid experience. We decided to escape from the ‘rat race’ and left to Spain, were there for more than a year, but forced back to the UK last Sept due that Covid sh*t.
    We’re really worrying about big crash before the big reset so we want to go back to roots ASAP. More are stronger, smarter, so our goal is to found a homestead community or join one of those.
    Just waiting the time when can travel freely again, than facing back to Spain. In the meantime i’m keep hunting for opportunities.
    Get in touch if you looking on same way. Peace

  4. Xaloc

    Hello Andrew, you can check out the post I made here https://www.off-grid.net/homestead-community/ in case you’d want to be in touch.

  5. Daniel

    Hi, I am also from the UK now in Sweden, I had enough of the restrictions and the great reset, my plan is however a little different as I plan on moving to a remote tropical island and try to build a community there. If you are lookign for a more remote and adventurous plan then reach out to me.

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