[before_listing id=262 images= youtube=null] Lo_Tide is an off-the-grid house on the western edge of Eglin AFB in NW Florida, near Pensacola. We have 2.5 acres, but are located in a Florida Nature Conservation area, so we have waterfront property without neighbors! The power system is a 15kw diesel generator that runs off of vegetable oil, and a 1.8kw solar array with an 1100 Amp-Hour battery bank. The inverter is a Xantrex SW Plus 4024 with a GSM (generator start module). The system is completely automatic. Routine maintenance is simple. Go to https://www.solarfloridahome.com for pictures, and download the property overview. Also a blog about Solar Living in Florida.[landbuddy_listing id=262 youtube=null]

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13 Responses to “Lo_Tide”

  1. Terry

    I am currently in florida trying to go off grid. I purchased land in Suburban estates and i keep having trouble with them. Im looking to figure this out ASAP. I have experience in garden framing siding drywall mudding roofing and security as well as weapons training. I use to teach martial arts. I would be a great addition and can help in any area.

  2. RobLiese74

    I would love to find out more about joining you. Please contact me at robstileservice74@gmail.com

  3. Mark

    Sounds nice. I have 3 inventions that allows people to make electricity from wind, steam and coal, and electron pump. Free energy is true and I’ve got the plans.

  4. michael

    Planing on going off grid learning aquaponics and just being self sufficient in everything from power to water and food. Im a hard worker and just tired doing it for someone else needs. Im a simple soul nature is were im happiest. Im going to learn the trade of skin on frame kayaks ideally because i always want to stay by the water. Anyone else interested, Im looking for a few like minded people to build a nice home stead and start out on a better more free life email me at charles.robertson850@yahoo.com

  5. chris

    I am currently in south florida trying to get off the grid please email me.

  6. Melissa

    My husband and I are relocating to the Panama City Area. He is already working there as I finish remodeling and selling our home. Moving is allowing us to change our current lifestyle and work toward living a more sustainable lifestyle. We would love to grow a large percentage of our own food and create zero waste. I have spent hours looking for land in the surrounding areas but keep encountering Major sources of seemingly unregulated pollution, superfund sites, covered up landfills, hazardous waste sites, cattle dipping vats and most recently chemical laced nests placed in the West Bay in the 70’s for experimental shrimp farming. I have read about companies negligence polluting citizen well water. Quite frankly I’m apprehensive to live in an area run by good old boys where industry, politicians and environmental enforcement agents are all scratching each others backs. I would enjoy meeting you and your wife and sharing information and ideas. I can imagine your relief on the Blackwater Drilling! beesbitc@hotmail.com

  7. Tim

    I Live in Pensacola And would be interested in coming over and seeing what your setup is like.
    My email is Timothyschaefer2505@gmail.com
    thanks Tim

  8. dre

    I am interested and would love to find out more info, i would like to know what are the best steps to take send info to nellly100@hotmail.com

  9. freemysoul

    I would love to hear more. That is exactly what I want to do. I’m at starting stage of planning right now . would love to what steps you went through to plan.

  10. michael

    I am interested. Please e-mail me at omnitron019@yahoo.com

  11. Antonio

    Awesome site guys I live near Niceville

  12. tpelczynski

    I have updated my blog at https://www.solarfloridahome.com, and have included an entry about our water system at Lo_Tide. Water either gives you energy, or takes it from you. At my house in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Hi^Tide, we power our house from the creek coming out of the ridge 800′ above our house. At our house in Florida, Lo_Tide, it’s a different story. Lo_Tide needs energy for water, but at least the system is automated, and that is a big plus. Go to https://wwww.solarfloridahome.com to read the blog and see pictures of Lo_Tide. I would be interested in comments or questions.

  13. tpelczynski

    The address does not correspond correctly to the displayed map… it shows centered on Choctaw OLF (outlying field), which actually has a bit of history with Doolittle and the Japan raids… but I don’t live there. I live west on the water’s edge, right where the Fundy Creek opens onto the Blackwater Bay. If you Google Earth N30.5W087.0 you will find us.

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