Its been a long time and I still want to be part of a community rather than the lone wolf. NE Nevada is beautiful and rugged with huge natural resource if you are smart, strong and independent enough to make it here. I tried years ago to get a community started in a remote NE Nevada location I had a few interested but most realized it was going to be a hard environment and opted for something like California instead. I still have land available for sale or I would be happy to assist you in the purchase of your own piece of paradise. Hopefully nearby.

My own idea of what this should look like would be multiple families or persons sharing this location grow your own food raise your own stock build dream create whatever you want within legal restrictions. Live cheaply out here or just use location as a weekend getaway, hunting cabin or BOL. To me its my getaway I come up here to blacksmith and shoot a little grow some vegies try to raise some bees. Im in no hurry I will just keep tinkering around until that right person or group finds this place.

more to write later


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2 Responses to “Lets build a villiage II”

  1. chowan

    Hi Jim Elko county Nevada Don att swordmaking dott com and we can exchange some more information.

  2. Amy Macmorine

    Just looking for a community environment to live in.

  3. chowan

    Hi Mary yes I’m still in Nevada what area are you looking at?

  4. mary

    Hi, are you still in NV, or another location? I am getting ready to sell my home. pay off bills and get off the grid. I currently live in Dallas Tx. Female and very fit and healthy 60 yrs old. My skills include: Building (just built 40×60 deck in my back yard), home remodeling, roofing, plumbing, art, crafts, soap making, growing sustainable gardens, raising livestock, ect. It would just be me and my friendly great dane. I am looking a the next 4 months to do this. Thank you for your time and information. Mary Lutz

    • Cherah Lindo

      Hello Mary, I also live in Desoto, TX and I am interested in joining you. Would you be interested in getting further acquainted with me?

      • james

        Hi Chow…sounds intriguing,what town is near you,and I would like to visit and discuss the details.I have dirt in N.M, however I am open to change.Jim

  5. Grandma Bee

    I am looking to go off grid somewhere in California. I am currently in a city near San Jose, CA.
    i have many skills to offer such as tiling, paint, gardening, cooking and some animal care.
    I am looking to go off grid by July of 202. If you are still looking for someone to partner up with then reach out to me please and lets talk.

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