Rent Out Your Spare, Underused Land.

Allow Land to Be Enjoyed by More People.
Generate Extra Revenue.


    Do you have an acre or more that is unproductive, perhaps unused in recent years?

    At you can partner with those who want to use land for agriculture or recreation.

    You can earn extra revenue from your land, and at the same time allow more to use and enjoy the land.


    List your land and rental terms


    Renters contact you with questions and present their credentials


    Agree rental period with the renter and receive payment

    If you are in the the first 100 to list your holding, you will get free advertising for life. The price for an ad will be $29.99 at launch. You can place as many ads as you wish, if you are offering multiple plots of land.

    If you want to deal direct with a renter you are free to do so, but we think you will prefer to complete your rental transactions within the secure framework of the Landbuddy site. There will be a small charge for this service.

    Register here to be included in our launch listings – contact us if you need advice on what to charge or have any other questions –

    Are you seeking a little patch on this planet where you can be free?. Register to Rent land.