[before_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/e61c6ae453dcb965bcb26f4570dbe0ff.jpg youtube=null] I am 60 years old, have a great family and love to plant trees in barren spots of land to make them better. I have a rich piece of mineral land in Utah and I am looking for people that want to liberate themselves from the bondage of debt, low paying jobs and the meters that attach our freedom.
Yes the land has great mineral resources but needs water(drill wells and cisterns), trees, power (from solar, wind, hydrogen and other technology), roads, utilities and people that have the courage and desire to add these things and develop the vast mineral wealth.
In return for bringing your desire, equipment, knowledge and hard work you will be rewarded with the wealth that comes from taking the resources from the ground, processing them and turning them into numerous products.
I have identified economic deposits of copper, iron, gold, silver, zinc, magnesium, limestone, dolomite, stone with dozens of other minerals that can be evaluated.
I’ve looked into off-grid living for many years and find that often those that do it are only looking at having the bare essentials to live.
My philosophy is yes you need to have freedom, grow organic food, a paid for home and energy but we also need an economic base to successfully live off the grid.
These minerals and the numerous products that can be produced from them will provide that economic base.
Freedom comes from not having to depend on an employer, government or other master to live.
Freedom comes from learning how to turn the abundance God has provided into all of the things we need.
I am looking for like minded people to partner with me in partaking of the abundance of the earth and sharing it with others and enjoying it in its fullest.[landbuddy_listing images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/e61c6ae453dcb965bcb26f4570dbe0ff.jpg youtube=null]

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8 Responses to “Freedom from meters”

  1. Christopher Rivers

    From what I understand about Utah. The state will only let you have one 2,500 gal water tank on your land once you fill out the free permit online. So how can anyone grow any food out there on 2,500 gals. One person would use 2,500 gal’s for personal use. I called the state and just got the basic run around. So how are you or anyone else for that matter going to have a garden in Utah??????? North cr6789cr@gmail.com

  2. JamesN

    Is the opportunity still available? If so, please shoot me an Email. Thank you.

  3. wardrums

    Hello it sound like a dream and I would be more than interested in talking about your property it’s resources and the infinite possibilities off grid living can hold

  4. Jackie Lucas

    Yes Yes Yes! I want to live self sustained and off grid. Please send me more info. Thanks, Jackie

  5. Marla

    Hello, my name is Marla and Im very interested in being part of your proyect, I am currently studying to be a Natural Doctor and Herbologist. My father will also joined me, as well as my 2 kids. My dad has great skills working the land, in construction and is a very hard worker. As a vegetarian, I eat organically and know how to grow as well. We want to start planning for this journey ASAP, specially since we live in the East Coast and were preparing to move and starting working hard to prepare ourselves for what can happen this next September. Please contact me for more info: midishari@gmail.com We are a very descent, loving family, respectful, honest and hard workers. Willing to do whatever it takes to be part of a community that share our same values and vision towards the future.

  6. John_Conner

    Oh and I forgot to mention I learned to stick weld in a shipyard, building huge barges that transport dangerous chemicals. My tacks held under tons of pressure, thought that might be useful to know.

  7. John_Conner

    Sounds like you have a good setup and future potential, I have experience with working in a community. I am pretty familiar with what works and what doesn’t, I’m a hard worker, In College so I can do it anywhere there is either a cell-phone signal or an internet connection. I served 5 years in the Army as 11b (Infantry) and I got a reference from the last community I was in if needed. I also am learning to program and will be advanced enough within a few more months to begin doing freelance jobs over the internet contact me at johnseditio@gmail.com if your interested

  8. wavy1953

    Yo, Drop me a line and we cam chat a bit. send an email to off-the-grid@spaceling.com
    lookin forward to chattin

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