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  • in reply to: Regular Savings Accounts #64776

    I put $100 in savings account, this allows the bank to

    loan out $1000. They pay me $2(2%/yr) and make $50(5%/yr)

    Can you say ponzi – sure you can. Bankers are just evil,

    which is why the bible, tanakh, and quoran all forbid it

    in reply to: Would anyone live without electricity? #64771

    Wow people quoting me I’m flattered. As Lee has pointed out

    it’s not only easiy but natural to live off grid if that is

    what you were taught. What the h@#$ are we teaching our


    in reply to: shipping container home in utah #64772

    I agee an update would be nice it an intesting idea

    What would say 4 containers cost delivered?

    in reply to: Storage Foods #64740

    An Alex Jones listener?

    in reply to: Energy saving light bulbs #64739

    That’s why grow ops should be looking off grid

    Loved the frenengi comment- but all kidding aside

    I’m really looking for to pick fresh strawberries for

    breakfest in January and can’t afford the hydro bill so

    off grid I going

    in reply to: Would anyone live without electricity? #64737

    Anyone without electricity can’t answer you and around

    here we call them the Amish.

    in reply to: Cold Fusion for Hydrogen made easy. #64736

    “the Reaction Chamber has a Plasma. During the Reaction the

    Plasma heats up and boils or evaporates quickly.

    So I need to pass it thru a Radiator with a Temperature

    Switch like on a Car. It must be kept at a certain

    temperature 70-80 C “

    Think you need to check the definition of plasma

    in reply to: Energy saving light bulbs #64729

    The stores have to report what? How in the world would they

    stay in business and what happen to our constitution?

    You couldn’t go to a judge and get a search warrant based

    on a store saying they sold you a lamp. What do they do

    ask for photo ID. Do the Electrical suppliers have

    to report the sale of the same lamps. Know of no law here

    and if I went into one of those stores it would be cash

    and no I don’t show ID. We went through this for

    CT-Pat certification ( Partners against terrorism )

    this is governed by the americans, they say we have to ask

    for photo id. The Canadian law says we have no right.

    These are construction workers, suppliers ect entering

    our site. If they refuse or cannot provide photo ID

    we risk a lawsuit for refusing entrance on that bases,

    for their loss of earnings ( according to our lawyers )

    It cost us $50,000 extra on a parking lot for LED lighting

    even though it was less fixtures. Heat emissions are high

    for this amount of light ( replacing 400watt high pressure

    sodium) the entire top of the fixture is a heat sink.

    Haven’t been up to one yet to gage the heat emitted but I

    could get the specs

    in reply to: Energy saving light bulbs #64727

    Is there a LED light or combination of light’s that will

    replace a 400 Watt metal halide backed with 34 watt

    daylight floro’s for plant growth

    in reply to: Failed escape in British Columbia #64667

    Your OBC certified inspector will not due to liabilities

    give you much advise any more. This all changed about 6 years

    ago. You give the engineered stamp drawnings done by

    you OBC certified P.Eng to your OBC certified builder

    who buys OBC certified wood, 2×6’s in this area and he builds

    your OBC certified and inspected house preferably with union

    labour. For all this you pay for permits and then they turn

    around and stick up your taxes.

    Have only ever met 1 inspector that was misrable. He was

    a Fire Inspector. When they started enforceing NFPA96 and

    every resturant that didn’t have stainless steel fryer hoods

    had to comply. $5,000 to $15,000 normal cost. Closed a lot

    of resturants.

    When I say I’m looking to go off the grid I mean in all the

    right (for me) ways.

    In the old days you would build yourself a log house

    If it fell down on you

    you couldn’t sue the designer, the inspector, or the builder

    You were responsible and you took responsibility

    And of course now you were wiser and built a better one

    (If you lived)

    Not looking to build a house off-grid

    so much as a way of life

    in reply to: Land of the free #64664
    in reply to: Off Grid, but keeping all mod cons??? #64665

    Was given a counter top water dispenser with hot/cold feature

    hot is 1150 watts. It has totally replaced our kettle, you

    have hot water 2-3 minutes 2 – 2-1/2 cups at a push of a

    button ours is a polar pwd2635w-2

    in reply to: Off Grid, but keeping all mod cons??? #64657

    Cost and avalibility is everthing most systems keep the

    batteries on a float charge, atomatic switching is avalible

    look at the cost and specs of a marine deep cycle battery as

    to a off grid

    in reply to: Failed escape in British Columbia #64656

    Just make sure you buy in an uassumed township

    first question do I need a building permit

    yes – not interested next!

    no – this property is worth more to you and less

    to the masses. I know I can find this 3 hours drive

    from the 5th largest city in North America

    If there is a building inspector involved


    in reply to: DC powered lights and fans #64655

    1st dc circuit parts can be scavanged from boats,

    aircraft, cars, Rv’s, trailers.

    most of this wiring and fusing is scraped due to what ever

    it was installed in not because it turned bad.

    Not too many people however would bother waisting their time

    you’ll spend more time re-engineering this stuff than buying


    Simple math -higher voltage

    lower line loses, lower wire size, because lower amperage.

    Actual design wiring etc can be gleemed off the net

    Just remember it’s electricity and very unforgiving

    you might want to hire someone

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