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  • in reply to: DC powered lights and fans #64842

    In India there are snake charmers who play with cobras

    1 bite and your dead in 30 seconds


    A bad shock will kill you instantly

    A mild shock can put your heart into arrhymia and you die

    when you go to sleep

    The electrical code is minimum safe practice

    and yes 12 volts dc has killed.

    Please do your research and please be careful

    and never work on a live circuit not only might

    you get hurt or killed you might have to explain

    how you blew up that expensive thing you just bought

    to your wife( and never live it down )

    in reply to: Ads or Forum? #64827

    Your Magnum sounds interesting and you definetly have your

    hands full here. Enjoy

    in reply to: Green Laundromat-HHO for Hot Water Tanks and Dryers #64810

    Some info on your location for possible solar and local laws

    in reply to: In an Emergency, country or city? #64812

    Live in Ontario –

    1935 6.1 earthquake, largest

    1954, last hurricane

    1985, last tornato that did any damage in this area.

    Biggest disaster in my lifetime (51 years) the

    Blackout of 2003.

    A day and a half without power. So it was home made wine

    (the beer store was closed and I was out) and a BBQ.

    Note I keep enough food to last a week and I include my

    son, his wife and my 2 grandkids, my other son, my mother and

    my wife for a total of 8.

    If every house hold did the same then we would surpass a week

    in reply to: heat alternatives for residence #64811

    currentenergy drive by you twice a day 5 days a week minimum

    small world

    in reply to: How long have you been off grid? #64809

    Any new subdivision is layed out in a grid fashion

    square houses on square streets, How could any service not

    be layed out on a grid. I want a round house surounded by

    nature. Be able to target shoot or even hunt in my backyard

    Raise my own meat and veggies cause I don’t trust GMO foods

    and steroid raised meat – it just isin’t natural.

    I want to sit in my round house and when a government official

    shows up I can tell him he can go pee in a corner for all

    I care.

    in reply to: In an Emergency, country or city? #64799

    Better question is how to restore order and it’s not the

    military they are being controlled by the people who’s greed

    is causing all the ecomomic problems just like the mass media.

    No the small people need to ban together, get to know your

    neighbors,build relationships and trust, who knows the next

    real big collaspe maybe the start of something better.

    in reply to: off-grid and no technology #64802

    44kv incoming transformed down 13.8kv for distribution

    transformed down to 4160V to run a 1000HP air compressors

    during 1 bad winter storm our 44KV lines galloped touching

    each other I recorded over 8000v when the compressors

    shutdown. Transformers transform by emf it is done on a ratio,

    # of turns on the high side to # of turns on the low side

    raise the high side and you raise the low side. Move a wire

    through an emf field and it generates voltage. A solar flare

    is a moving emf field. It is going to turn every wire into

    a generator. The only thing we don’t know is the size of the

    emf field and therefore the amount of damage but seeing as

    the earth’s magnetic field now has a huge hole in it we might

    want to be a little more proactive. A huge solar flare hitting

    the Earth is not an IF it’s a WHEN

    in reply to: How long have you been off grid? #64800

    Can I purpose an new definition of grid – anyhting that

    sucks money out of your pocket and is run by a monopoly

    to quote a Union Gas representative in Ontario

    ” We don’t care We are the gas company”.

    Participant for northern ontario

    in reply to: off-grid and no technology #64783

    1989 didn’t that take out a Canadian comm satillite?

    These were small now imagine every foot of the grid needing

    repair, wires burnt on the ground, they make great attenna’s

    if the force is big enough, transformer fires. How many

    transformers in your home. You won’t wake up to no hydro

    You’ll wake up to lots of fires.

    in reply to: In an Emergency, country or city? #64782

    I live less than a tank of gas from the largest pop. center

    in Canada, 5th in North America. How many days food do you

    think there is here on average. If the trucks stop rolling

    for more than a week what happens we all agree to sit and

    starve together? no electricity – most of these people

    wouldn’t even be able to get water and what they could get

    wouldn’t be fit to drink. There’s a reason to watch Survivor


    If you post where they cover save a lot of people doing

    trial and error.

    in reply to: Would anyone live without electricity? #64777

    Electricity is a tool just like our original stone tools.

    Humans forming comminities, and hunting in prides is the

    foundation of the world today. The Global comminity is driven

    by people who belive to Quote Ted Turner ” that there

    are only 225,000 useful people in the world, the rest are

    useless eaters” I’m pretty sure that Ted did not include me

    or you in that 225,000. They use the grid to enslave humans

    heance net metering is not allowed in most places.

    Off grid is freedom, freedom from them, the real question

    is how much is your freedom worth, what sacrafices are you

    willing to make? Some will go without technology, some not

    and some maybe just are ” useless eaters “

    in reply to: Regular Savings Accounts #64776

    I put $100 in savings account, this allows the bank to

    loan out $1000. They pay me $2(2%/yr) and make $50(5%/yr)

    Can you say ponzi – sure you can. Bankers are just evil,

    which is why the bible, tanakh, and quoran all forbid it

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