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    Hey guys/gals, this is Jeremy from the ‘Let’s Build A Village’ post. First off, let me start by saying Montello and Tecoma Valley is a “pocket-of-freedom” so we can build what we want. Saying that, everyone should visit and research what my wife and I are building. I have purchased 10 acres in this valley at the base of the Pilot Peak Mountain range. I know quite a few people already that have either moved or are moving to this area ASAP. Having known these people for a few years now I can speak for them when I say, We want a community of caring people who simply want a ‘free’ life and want to take care of themselves by working hard and working together. We want to get as far out of the ‘system’ as we can and then only real way to do that is within a community that takes care of each other.

    As for the land in this area, I can direct you to this family owned company that sells plots of land for SUPER cheap wholesale. They also finance! This is who we and a lot of the others have purchased their land through and we’re all quite happy with their service.

    Looking at this area, it is much dryer than we are use to here In Tennessee so I have done EXTENSIVE research for the last 3 years. There is PLENTY of rainfall in this valley for permaculture farming and roof water catchment and cistern storage. If you visit Geoff and Ellen’s Alpaca Ranch blog at you can see that Geoff has proven permaculture to work in this area.

    If ANYONE has questions regarding Montello/Tecoma Valley, permaculture, Earthships, off-grid systems/living just direct you Replies to me and I will answer what I can as soon as I can. My wife and I are extremely excited and anxious to get going in Montello and building a community! Later everyone!

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