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    I’m not that far away from you being in SW Missouri. That’s an interesting offer!

    I’m brand new, first post, testing my login (lol) but I have read a few comments on the Landbuddies side and it seems there are several opportunities available for like minded folks. I’m wondering how this works out usually?

    I’d be interested in swinging by to help out. I have a place that I need help with as well at the lake and I see potential of others perhaps helping others and then sharing a place to camp-in or visit. Seems like it would be like a big family and an opportunity for those wholike to travel have a series of bases they could go to as needed. Just a thought….

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    Hi Countrygurl, I’m close by, sorta, and we should talk I’d say. Your offer is a very good one, but have you checked with the county as to setting off one acre, in most areas now in Mo. the minimum for a rural leagl lot is 3 acres due to the DNR restrictions for septic systems, you may not be able to give (or sell) a one acre parcel. You could give a one 5th interest to 5 acres, but that will present some future legal problems if it’s not set up properly. People die, the have arguments, the take bankruptcy and encrochments or easements as well as assignments need to be thought out with great care if a clear deed is not being made. Be happy to help out if you think it’s necessary. And, I’d be interested in helping others simply for the opportunity to visit occassionally, a camping destination. Good luck in getting your place the way you want it! :)

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    Dust makes a good point, look for Realtors dealing in such properties. I’d also sugget you ask about “Expired Listings”, these are properties that did not sell under the listing. Sometime you can idenify these properties yourself, go tothe Parish Courthouse and look up the tax records for the property. Most people paying taxes on a property own it! You can get that name and mailing address for taxes. Approach them and make your offer.

    Alot of searching can be at the local utility company and at the courthouse. If a property is not servicedby a utility, being a mile off a road for example, bring utilities to that property can be expensive and that has an impact on the value of that parcel, it will be cheaper without utilities.

    You can look up the owners of the property through the tax records, the folks at the courthouse should be willing to show you how to find the properties.

    And, if you find land for $1,000 an acre in La, it’s probably under water! LOL Farm land has increased recently throughout the country, so trying to go cheap may not be a good plan.

    I’d suggest that you look to your personal finances and see what you can afford on a monthly basis and then try to go with “seller financing” where the seller will carry the loan or contract for you. I have two rules about this, always get the property appraised so you know what it’s really worth (as seller financing does not require an appraisal) and 2. Never pay more for a property because the seller is financing it! They are not really doing you a favor as they will likely have favorable tax benefits from doing so and they will be earning more interest on the deal than they can get anywhere else.

    As a buyer or seller doing a seller financed deal now, see an attorney as there are new federal laws governing the sale of residential properties with seller financing.

    Lastly, there are several here, it seems, offering property for work, if you are willing to move, that’s an option. :)

    And, as to building tunnels in La. near water, well I doubt there are any due to the water table, there are few basements in La. for that reason. Building on poles might make more sence.

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