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    I have a problem on my site, when I visit the site from the main page, it is redirected from http protocol to https. When you try to enter the site not from the main page, the redirect to https does not occur. What to do about this problem?


    Any problem with the site can be solved by scoring this problem into Google or by contacting a neighbor who is sitting at home at the computer. I think that there are special sites on the net that solve such problems.


    A redirect from HTTP to HTTPS can only be configured if an SSL certificate is installed for your domain. If you have http not redirecting to https, then after installing the SSL certificate, try setting up a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS in the control panel.


    Before you enforce HTTPS, make sure your site works correctly over https. To do this, enter “htt ps://” in front of the site address. You may need to resolve the mixed content error first. If the certificate expires on a site that enforces HTTPS, the site will become unavailable. But don’t worry, lifetime SSL certificates will be active.


    The most obvious way to detect an error is to mass check the status codes on all pages of the site. This can be done using convenient automated tools that work in the browser or as client software. They operate on a similar principle. The user only needs to place a link to the resources of interest in the operating window, click “Start” and wait for the scan results.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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