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    Please could someone giv me some info on reliable installers and providers of solar panels and water heaters. I have been looking on the internet but feel drowned by all the different companies who promise this and that. Plus does anyone know what i need to look out for and what i need to watch out for!

    Any help would be great as would like to have solar panels and solar water heater for our house in eastbourne for next summer.

    Nick Rosen

    You should get a panel with attached water heater at one of those

    brico-hypermarkets, but they are usually overpriced (though they

    handle very easily, Joe the plumber will do).

    As for the rest, if you want a great big roof install, well then you need

    professional installers – but if you have some terrain around

    you may not need a roof installation at all.

    You may also want to be able to remove panels etc. if you

    are not staying at your off-grid place all the time –

    thieves are getting more and more interested in this stuff,

    I keep hearing it every week. I live down south,

    and I read about Spanish cops stopping trucks full of stolen panels

    from all over the continent, waiting for the ferry to Morocco…


    where do you live?


    here are a couple of reliable websites that i have heard nothing but good things about that may have what you are looking for, and

    Nick Rosen

    I have bought my Solar Panels from Todae, and am using them for several months without any problem, and great output. You can check their site at:

    They are really good.


    this place has affordable panels you can buy and ship to your place and you then can find an installer

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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