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    The company jmv lps ltd is now one of the top most leading electrical safety product manufacturing company in India. The company manufactures earthing system, railway plastic cable duct, earthing pit cover, spd for home and building etc,

    Cable duct made of polyolefin injection moulded plastic is perfect for laying any sort of cable. It has a Key and slot type junction for stable duct connection and disengagement, thus no specific technique or provision is required. Every industry relies on power, signalling, and telecommunications.

    They only stay up if the wires are properly maintained, thus they must be laid inside a high-mechanical-strength ducting system. We’re talking about injection moulded cable ducts, which are a low-maintenance option that can sustain a wide range of compressive loads up to 12kN. It is very easy to – check and fix flaws, replace, transport, store, and so on, thanks to its weightlessness.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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