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    the way things are going these days, its getting so good clean water is a luxury
    and its just gonna get worse. so i put my brain to work on a simple solution.

    i came up with the idea a while ago, took me a while to figure out the cheapest and easiest way to make one so that anybody could do it.
    i wanted something simple, easy to tote along, something you didnt need a shop to make
    also would like it so its easy to fill and get the water out of. and easy to clean up after you use it.
    then too id like something i could hang from a branch or a yardarm
    something that wont spill easy and recontaminate the clean water

    first idea was a pair of 2 liter pepsi bottles and a soup can, it works.. kinda.. but its too light and flimsy, blows around even filled.
    also takes a few tools you wont have handy in your pocket… not good in SHTF
    so back to the think tank i went…

    i was looking at an old glass mayonaise jar, those ones with the largemouth opening
    relic from when i was a kid, im not sure if they make them any more, but i have a few.
    and i got to thinking…what if you took 2 of these, glued the lids together, top to top,
    drilled or melted drainholes thru them
    screwed the bottom jar into its lid
    set an empty beer, soda or soup can in the center of the upper lid
    (the one thats opening is facing up)
    fill the can with any water you can find
    and then carefully screwed the top jar into its lid
    you set it someplace out in the sun and let the sunshine do the rest
    water evaporates from can
    condenses on inside of upper jar
    runs down sides and thru holes in lids
    collects in bottom jar
    when can is empty, you remove top jar and refill can
    or you can remove bottom jar and have a drink
    by adding a mesh bag or some type of macrane hanger, you can hang this
    setup anywhere the sunshines. then its out of the way and safe
    as it makes you a steady supply of clean, distilled drinking water

    this distills the water so you can put just about anywater in and it comes
    out drinkable, you could piss in it if thats all you got…

    mine is sitting out on my porch right now, waiting to see how fast it will work
    let me know how yours turn out
    i used the old widemouth glass jars cuz i had them
    have fun :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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