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    These are made from old t-shirts, they look comfy and easy to make…


    the tread from old bia-ply tires, the kind without steelbelts, make great long wearing soles for shoes, sandals and flipflops. most people will never wear them out


    My hubby PB wears sandals made from old tires, he is on his second set, they hold up pretty well, I’ll try to get a picture or two and post them here.




    On one of the Naked and Afraid shows, one guy got mad at the African thorns and made a pair of sandals from bark and natural cordage.  Was interesting to see how badly we need shoes sometimes, since we don’t have hoofs. I guess most animals have thick leather like food pads. Of course native Americans made Moccasins from deer hide. They had an advantage in stealthy walking. Probably a great advantage in hunting.


    Out where I live, you do need foot protection, there is always something poking, sticking, stinging, biting and otherwise trying to puncture your tootsies…


    lol, up until i joined the marines i never wore shoes
    not even in school, they hated it but learned early
    i didnt care what they thought and didnt listen…lol
    anyways, youd be amazed at how tough your feet can get
    i stepped on a roofing nail in my late teens and peeled off
    nearly a half inch thick callous, didnt feel a thing til i took the next step…lol



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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