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I made a filter in high school Biology.  Swamp water into a coffee can with a hole in the bottom.  Fine sand bottom with courser sand above, then small pebbles to larger rocks at the top.  Then I added one drop of tincture of iodine to a glass, stirred a minute then drank it.

We use screen pre-filters for my catchment tank.  It goes by DC pump with a switch, through a very good filter, if pure water is needed.  Otherwise the water is used for all the gardens.  Gravity to waterers, and hand watered.  I learned not to use plastic tubes for drip irrigation from their twisting tendency.  Not enough room for the spirulina method.

Apparently beast felt too censored and left.  I was gone because of a forced computer change because of an antivirus virus.  Lost all the contacts and favorites.  Now I am back.  The old vet with all solar and Earthship in CO at 8,878′.