[before_listing id=229 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/e450ef65beb517f16ae9fc29156b171b.jpg youtube=null] I’m in the Portland, OR area seeking to LEAVE and move SOUTH. Looking towards Northern California or the SouthWest. I have a 16′ yurt, wood stove and pipe, cord-and-a-half of seasoned firewood, truck and small flat-bed trailer, tools (construction and landscape/cultivation). Also have 2 goats (wether and dry female), 13 chickens, and 2 companion rabbits. … Need power generation and a LOCATION (with a reliable water source) to setup.

I have the capability (tools, skills, and essential materials) to build additional yurts (at least 2, 16′ or 20′), if necessary or desirable.[landbuddy_listing id=229 images=https://www.off-grid.net/wp-content/uploads/e450ef65beb517f16ae9fc29156b171b.jpg youtube=null]

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9 Responses to “Any Place but PORTLAND!”

  1. Keith Akers

    I’m looking to help establish an off-grid community or join an already existing one. My name is Keith I’m a hard worker and single 28 year old man, no children. I’ve built barges, ran various types of cranes and other heavy equipment. I’ve also worked on and built wind turbine generators but I am not an expert. I’m trapped in the system and looking for a way out, I want to be a part of the system but on my own terms, I want to source my own water, grow my own food and produce my own electricity. As long as I have a roof over my head, food and water and some good company I’m happy. If I sound like I would be a good fit for your community or project please let me know at Akerskeith58@gmail.com.

  2. John Arizona

    How is your off grid and southern move going? I’m in AZ looking to move north. I have construction knowledge and a lot of hardware. My son and I are beyond ready to do this and now just interested in finding other peace minded people work with and build a community. God bless!

  3. Michael Trethewey

    Hey Christian, could I talk to you about my wife and I setting up our yurt on your property? We can help with maintenance of property and/or some sort of rent if you like. email me at michaeltrethewey@gmail.com and we can stop by and visit sometime :)

  4. Luke


    I am looking for a community that is already established and is living off the land. I am a college student seeking a life that is more along the lines of “living with” the land, instead of the illusion of owning the land. I have many skills and would love the opportunity to chat with anyone interested. Thank you for looking,


  5. TheProfesh

    Who’s on the Columbia Gorge?

  6. Wakethefup

    Why on earth would you want to go to CA? Granted the land is beautiful, but the laws there are enough to stay away. Go north east!

  7. Marcus

    Hi Elvish,

    Syncronistically we just built a platform for a 16′ yurt or dome and have space for a wood/metal shop! It seems you also have many of the animals that we will be adding this year. If all our interests fit so well – we might have an amazing fit!

    Below is an advert that I just posted on IC.net and http://www.off-grid.net. It will give you an idea. Feel free to email if you are still interested and we can talk further.



    Community Opportunities at MapleWood

    Are you interested in living close to the land with other ecologically sensitive individuals? We are looking for individuals or couples (w/ kids) to complement our small, supportive, well-educated and innovative community.
    Together, we take time for collective discussion, solution-based problem solving, and shared decision-making. In addition to a strong work ethic, we also know how to have fun and enjoy a supportive environment that is conducive to personal learning and mentorship.

    Our homestead rests on 20 acres of agricultural and forest land in the Siskiyou National Forest of Southern Oregon. Much of the farm infrastructure has been put in place and we are well resourced with cultivation tools and equipment. Fifty fruit and nut saplings grow on the warm southwest-facing hillside. This spectacular setting offers a variety of eco-adventures. Let’s discover innovative and beautiful ways to live together with the land.

  8. Christian

    Hi there. Just found this site… we have 20 acres two hours east of Portland, which gets into the semi-high desert sunbelt on the other side of the cascades. Cold in the winter, but about the same amount of annual rainfall as so-cal. So, it’s much more sunny through the winter than Portland! There’s a wooded valley that runs through the middle of the property, with a seasonal creek that’s fed from a spring (mt. adams is the source I believe) and a 75 ft deep well that is full of water even a the end of a dry summer. There’s plenty of fallen trees for firewood, and plenty of sun and wind for generating power. The soil seems good for growing. We have two trailers out there and are starting to build a 16’x30′ cabin this month. We have plans for other structures too. We are open to, and welcome others that would like to be apart of this. Could be short term or longer term, but being of like mind and compatible is important, while also welcoming differences. We’d love to have someone like you with skills to share, and we’d be happy to help in return. If you’re still in Portland, contact me and we’ll see if this could work out. If not, I hope that you’ve found an awesome place to set up your home.


  9. Ken

    Hi Elvish,

    I live in the Portland Area and would like to speak to you about yurt construction. Thanks, Ken

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