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10 Responses to “4 season yurt at moon valley farm”

  1. chatterboxchris

    Hello to my understanding you live in a yurt? Iv mentioned this type of housing to my hubby, anyhow long story short he says this yurt will not hold up to Michigan weather. I love the idea of yurt livn off grid. But thinkn hubby might be wrong. Any insite would be marvelous. Thanks

  2. Brian

    Could you contact me to clarify the nature and purpose of your group? Under the right circumstances, I’m interested in joining up with you and your group for mutual support. My bug-in location is withing 100 miles of you.

  3. dennis mcqueen

    i would love to live off the grid me and my wife have been talking about it for quite a while im not sure how this thing works but im a truck driver and my wifes a nurse ready to sell everything but some tools and my rv and take my 5 kids and get away from the goverment we currently live in greensburg in and wanna stay close to indianapolis we have also been wanting to build our new cob house for along time im a handyman and know how to build

  4. Josh

    Email me with some info plz. bassaholic.ja91@yahoo.com above is my post

  5. Josh

    Hey I want to come live with you guys off the grid.
    Currently unemployed, cant find work and now im broke. Need to find a new way to live and survive.

  6. Jessilyn

    I can’t email you so could you tell me a little about what your doing? Thank you so much if you can.

  7. ytmtnman

    hey everyone! i couldn’t start to answer all questions, so if there are any specific questions anyone has, feel free to email me! ytmtnman@gmail.com
    go for it!

  8. I'd love to know more

    My name is Evelyn and I’d like to hear more about Yurt Living

  9. Amanda

    I would love more info.

  10. Patrick

    More Details, PLEASE!

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